Sensors & Measurement Equipment

All you need to know about wind measurement equipment | meteorological sensors, ultrasonic anemometers, solar and wind data logger, wind vane calibration & more

Accurate wind measurement equipment is essential in producing reliable information for wind resource and site assessments. The bankable methodologies of wind measurements and resource assessments place exceptionally high standards as far as wind measurement equipment for wind energy generation is concerned. However, the suitability of any wind measurement equipment surely rests on the nature of the application. For instance, airports and climate monitoring research and institutes rely on robust and rugged wind meteorological sensors with high long-term stability and low maintenance needs that can work under very harsh environments, often to be used for synoptic scale meteorology and climate assessments and analyses. However, for example a MEASNET wind tunnel accredited wind vane calibration is not deemed of high important for airports and climate monitoring research and institutes, whereas for site appraisals and energy yield assessments, project developers deem of high importance that all meteorological sensors used as wind measurement equipment are of highest accuracy, thereby also considering wind vane calibration as well as the ilac-MRA accredited calibration of meteorological sensors like ultrasonic anemometer, wind data logger, etc.

So, wind measurement equipment and technologies are available for diverse applications. Here is an outline of different meteorological sensors, like ultrasonic anemometer, solar and wind data logger, and their suitability in bankable wind resource assessments and wind measurements.

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