SODAR - Sonic Detecting and Ranging

SODAR Leasing

In case of a long-term RSD measurement campaign, leasing may be an attractive option to our Clients.
If an RSD is rented for more than 6 months, ProfEC Ventus offers its Client to acquire the RSD device at a remaining value, which decreases on a monthly base.
The value depends on the device type, age, condition and rental fee (tariff-structure) applied before during the rental term.

Price on request
Purchase a Vaisala TRITON SoDAR RSD

​The purchase price for a TRITON Wind Profiler device depends on optional features like:
• extended, autonomous power supply (autonomous Power Pack) 
• Flow Complexity Recognition
• Snow & Ice Removal package etc.

For a concrete quotation,
please contact our experts.

33,000.00 USD
TRITON Wind Profiler- 3 Months Rental Service

Triton SODAR Wind Profiler
• Measures up to 10 customizable heights between 40m to 200m above ground level
• Wind speed measurement range 0...40m/s
• Low (7W) power consumption
• Classification and operational standard uncertainty acc. to IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.2 (03-2017)
• Stands up to harsh climates: −40°C (−40°F) ... 65°C (149°F) at 0 ... 100% rel. humidiy
• Measures temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure at Vaisala device quality
Includes TRITON power supply

9,900.00 USD
Extension of TRITON Rental Term (Monthly)

SODAR Triton Wind Profiler
• Extension of rental term for Triton Wind Profiler per month

3,000.00 USD
Snow and Ice Removal Package

• Ideal winter weather solution for operating the device at measurement sites prone to snowfall and icing conditions
• Lasts for approx. 3 months under Northern European winter weather conditions with no refill
• Intelligent system with remote control capability

400.00 USD
Snow & Ice Removal Package - Rental Term Extension

• Rental Term Extension for Snow & Ice Removal Package
• Lasts for another 2-3 months


Price on request
Autonomous Power Supply Option - RSD

• For harsh environments with not enough solar irradiation to operate the PV-panels efficiently
• Fuel cell generator
• Price valid per month rental term

700.00 USD
Data Supervision and Monitoring Pack - SkyServe for Triton Wind Profiler

• Satellite data transfer and/or retrieval
• Enables global remote access of TRITON device
• Daily TRITON performance monitoring
• Free use of V.Mac platform for Virtual Measurement Data Access (access a demo with User: Windenergy; Key: 2016)
• Providing notice within 72 hours of important events or issues detected by evaluation of the measurement data
• Ensures data authenticity and integrity as per FGW, IEC and MEASNET standards
• Price per month of rental term

750.00 USD
Full-Service Pack (TIER 3)

• Vaisala TIER-3 maintenance service
• 1x local site relocation included during maintenance visit, in case the TRITON shall change the measurement position
• Vaisala TIER-3 repair services for all components
• Expeditious, prioritised mobilisation time to travel to measurement location for taking actions
• Price per three months service pack term

3,800.00 USD
Full-Service Pack (TIER 3) - Extension

• Monthly extension of the Full-Service Package at Vaisala TIER-3 level.

1,000.00 USD

Accredited, Bankable Installation Report
• Conformity check with IEC, MEASNET and FGW
• "Certificate of Bankability" compliant to:
   • ISO / IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.1 and Ed.2
   • FGW TR6

1,000.00 USD
On-Site RSD Validation

Certified validation of Remote Sensing Device (some may call it "calibration")
• Carried out in accordance to the IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.2
• Conducted at a reference mast, close to which the RSD shall be used during the measurement campaign
• Procedure warrants lowest uncertainties, highest accuracy, and compliance in line with IEC, FGW and IEA
• Report includes "Bankability Certificate"


5,500.00 USD
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Sonic detecting and ranging – SODAR remote sensing device (RSD)

SODAR remote sensing device (RSD) are available at the following options: SODAR leasing, SODAR renting, or SODAR purchase.

ProfEC Ventus provides SODAR leasing, SODAR renting, SODAR buy resp. SODAR purchase for SODAR devices, to support wind measurement campaigns either as stand-alone or in combination with met masts. Let’s look closer at the SODAR remote sensing devices (RSD) options and offers:

SODAR Renting | SODAR RSD | SODAR device | SODAR measurement

SODAR devices are available at SODAR renting option for a period not less than three months with a subsequent monthly extension of the agreement. Although the initial tariff is fixed, you can upgrade the package, e.g. for SODAR validation (some may call it SODAR calibration).

Some of the popular renting packages for wind measurements available for the SODAR device include data retrieval, software and monitoring, ice and snow removal package, carefree package, and an extended power supply package, which for SODAR measurements includes methanol fuel cells for severely harsh environments where PV-based power supply is inadequate.

This SODAR measurement service for SODAR RSD equipment includes reliable supervision of the SODAR wind measurement campaign in addition to a “Certificate of Bankability.” We also provide SODAR validation (in the vernacular: SODAR calibration). These SODAR validation is accredited and conform to set standards in the sector, including MEASNET, IEC, and FGW.

If you have unique needs for SODAR remote sensing device (RSD), you can contact us and reach an agreement that will meet your requirements to SODAR remote sensing device (RSD).

SODAR Leasing | SODAR RSD | SODAR device | SODAR measurement

If you’re embarking on a long-term SODAR RSD measurement project, SODAR leasing is the best option, considering the attractive price. By SODAR leasing, the equipment for SODAR measurement is rented under our SODAR renting package and offers you to call a SODAR buy option (SODAR purchase) at the remaining value.

The SODAR buy value of the SODAR measurement device will vary on the type of equipment, condition, age, and the initial tariff structure. If you want to get a quote for the SODAR RSD devices, contact us representatives.

SODAR Purchase | SODAR RSD | SODAR device | SODAR Measurement

The price of the SODAR RSD’s within the SODAR buy option depends on the type of devices for wind measurement and the attached optional features. Contact our experts for an actual SODAR buy quotation that includes the various options such as FCR, heating for snow and ice removal packages, on- or off-site validation or autonomous power supply. These products for SODAR remote sensing device (RSD) are available in varying models and configurations at ProfEC Ventus.