Light Detection and Ranging - LIDAR

Leasing a LIDAR

In case of a long-term RSD measurement campaign, leasing may be an attractive option to our Clients.
If an RSD is rented for more than 6 months, ProfEC Ventus offers its Client to acquire the RSD device at a remaining value, which decreases on a monthly base.
The value depends on the device type, age, condition and rental fee (tariff-structure) applied before during the rental term.

Price on request
Purchase a Windcube Wind Profiler

​The purchase price for a Windcube Wind Profiler device depends on optional features like
• extended, autonomous power supply (Power Pack) 
• Flow Complexity Recognition etc.

For a concrete quotation,
please contact our experts.

Price on request
Windcube LIDAR Rental Service - 3 Months

Windcube LIDAR
• Measures up to 12 customizable heights up to +200m above ground level
• Measures accurately at a bankable level horizontal wind speed, wind direction, flow inclination & turbulences
• Wind speed accuracy: 0.1 m/s
• Wind speed range: 0 to +60 m/s
• Wind direction accuracy: 2°
• Classification and operational standard uncertainty acc. to IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.2 (03-2017)
• FCR (Flow Complexity Recognition)
• extended, autonomous power supply - RSD included

19,129.95 USD
plus 19% tax
Extension of Windcube Rental Term (Monthly)

LIDAR Windcube Wind Profiler
• Extension of rental term for Windcube LIDAR per month

5,708.62 USD
plus 19% tax
Autonomous Power Supply Option - RSD

• For harsh environments with not enough solar irradiation to operate the PV-panels efficiently
• Fuel cell generator
• Price valid per month rental term, starting after 3 months (first 3 months are gratis)

668.03 USD
plus 19% tax
Full-Service Package TIER 3

• TIER-3 maintenance service
• 1x local site relocation included during maintenance visit, in case the Windcube shall change the measurement position
• TIER-3 repair services for all components
• Expeditious, prioritised mobilisation time to travel to measurement location for taking actions
• Price per three months service pack term

3,947.45 USD

Accredited, Bankable Installation Report
• Conformity check with IEC, MEASNET and FGW
• "Certificate of Bankability" compliant to:
   • ISO / IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.1 and Ed.2
   • FGW TR6

1,214.60 USD
plus 19% tax
On-Site RSD Validation

Certified validation of Remote Sensing Device (some may call it "calibration")
• Carried out in accordance to the IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.2
• Conducted at a reference mast, close to which the RSD shall be used during the measurement campaign
• Procedure warrants lowest uncertainties, highest accuracy, and compliance in line with IEC, FGW and IEA
• Report includes "Bankability Certificate"


5,465.70 USD
plus 19% tax
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Light Detection and Ranging - LIDAR remote sensing device (RSD)

ProfEC Ventus offers superior quality hardware for finding accurate, modular, reliable, bankable, accredited and robust wind measurement systems in any part of the world. We have over 40 men-years’ experience working with leading global industries in wind energy development and application.

Our clients, their lenders, banks and investors can trust on our executed wind measurement, as the hardware and services provided for LIDAR validation (some call it LIDAR calibration) complies to set standards in the industry, including MEASNET Power Performance Measurement Procedure, FGW TR2, FGW TR6, MEASNET evaluation of site-specific wind conditions, and IEC 61400-12-1 among others.

ProfEC Ventus provides LIDAR leasing, LIDAR renting, LIDAR buy resp. LIDAR purchase for various LIDAR devices, to support wind measurement campaigns either as stand-alone or in combination with met masts. Let’s look closer at the LIDAR remote sensing devices – RSD:

Light detection and ranging: LIDAR measurement – a remote sensing device (RSD)

For wind energy, LIDAR is a remote sensing device (RSD). Such LIDAR devices are available on LIDAR leasing, LIDAR renting, or LIDAR purchase (LIDAR buy).

LIDAR Renting | LIDAR RSD | LIDAR measurement

LIDAR devices at One Stop Wind Shop (powered by ProfEC Ventus) are available for renting during an initial three months term and subsequent monthly extension. LIDAR devices are offered at an initial, fixed tariff, but adjustments are available for upgrades such as the carefree packages for LIDAR Validation (some may call it LIDAR calibration) and hardware extensions of the independent power supply.

Such LIDAR measurement devices are conformed to recent industry standards like IEC, IEA, FGW and MEASNET and the services offered include reliable supervision of the wind measurement campaign, guaranteeing the authenticity and integrity of the wind measurement data. ProfEC Ventus also offers LIDAR validation (in the vernacular: LIDAR calibration).

If you have special requests for adaptations or deviations for LIDAR RSD, you can contact us directly to express and discuss your exact requirements.

LIDAR Leasing | LIDAR RSD | LIDAR measurement

Leasing a LIDAR device in most cases is the best option, if you have a long-term LIDAR RSD measurement campaign. If the LIDAR leasing is for longer than seven months, you’ll benefit from our offer of being able to call a LIDAR buy option at the remaining value.

The value will depend on the initial tariff-structure, type of LIDAR device, condition, and age. LIDAR leasing offers a LIDAR buy option for the device at the end of the rental period. If you want to get an estimate of the equipment’s value at the end of the renting period, please contact our experts for an actual LIDAR leasing with subsequent LIDAR buy quotation.

LIDAR Purchase | LIDAR RSD | LIDAR validation

If you want to go for LIDAR purchase of the LIDAR RSD device, or if you want a LIDAR validation (in the vernacular: LIDAR calibration), contact us for a reliable quote. The LIDAR purchase price relies on the type of equipment and any optional features, such as an autonomous power supply by a fuel cell or satellite modem options.