The purchase price depends on the device type and optional features like, extended, autonomous power supply, etc.

For a concrete quotation considering options as heating extended, autonomous power supply, FCR or snow & ice removal packages etc.,
please contact our experts.
Purchase a Vaisala TRITON SoDAR RSD

​The purchase price for a TRITON Wind Profiler device depends on optional features like:
• extended, autonomous power supply (autonomous Power Pack) 
• Flow Complexity Recognition
• Snow & Ice Removal package etc.

For a concrete quotation,
please contact our experts.

33.000,00 EUR
TRITON SoDAR RSD Spare Part Kit - XXL (TIER 3) - NEW

​TRITON SoDAR Wind Profiler TIER 3 Spare Part Kit containing::

1 Cable Kit (includes assorted spare cables) 
1 TPU Speaker Kit (includes 6 Speakers) 
1 Temp Sensor Kit (includes 3 Sensors) 
1 Hardware Kit (miscellaneous small parts including spare nuts, bolts, etc.) 
1 Radiation Shield 5 Lamella 
1 Digital Signal Processing Board (DSP) 
1 Peripheral Board 
1 Linux Board (GlobalStar) 
1 Operator Panel 
1 Modem Carrier Board 
1 Blue Sky Solar Charge Regulator 
1 GPS Antenna 
1 Sensor Box 
1 Triton Field Support Kit Heater Hardware / Parts 
1 Humidity probe 
1 Pressure Probe 

For a concrete quotation,
please contact our experts.

5.500,00 EUR
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