Rental Service SODAR

For all clients who wish to rent a SODAR device, we offer the devices for a minimum period of three months with subsequent extension of the rental period at a monthly base. The base tariff for the SODAR device is fixed, but several options can be booked, to upgrade the package like:
  • Ice and snow removal package
  • Extended power supply option, based on a methanol fuel cell in extremely harsh environments, where no PV-based power supply would be sufficient
  • Data retrieval, software and monitoring service
  • Care Free Package (per 3 months)
  • Accredited, bankable Supervision of the Measurement Campaign, warranting data integrity and authenticity, including conformity check with IEC, MEASNET and FGW. Comes with "Certificate of Bankability" compliant to:
    • ISO / IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.1 and Ed.2
    • FGW TR6 
In case you may have a specific request for deviations or adaptation, please contact us directly in order to discuss your precise needs.
TRITON Wind Profiler- 3 Months Rental Service

Triton SODAR Wind Profiler
• Measures up to 10 customizable heights between 40m to 200m above ground level
• Wind speed measurement range 0...40m/s
• Low (7W) power consumption
• Classification and operational standard uncertainty acc. to IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.2 (03-2017)
• Stands up to harsh climates: −40°C (−40°F) ... 65°C (149°F) at 0 ... 100% rel. humidiy
• Measures temperature, relative humidity and barometric pressure at Vaisala device quality
Includes TRITON power supply

9,900.00 USD
Extension of TRITON Rental Term (Monthly)

SODAR Triton Wind Profiler
• Extension of rental term for Triton Wind Profiler per month

3,000.00 USD
Snow and Ice Removal Package

• Ideal winter weather solution for operating the device at measurement sites prone to snowfall and icing conditions
• Lasts for approx. 3 months under Northern European winter weather conditions with no refill
• Intelligent system with remote control capability

400.00 USD
Snow & Ice Removal Package - Rental Term Extension

• Rental Term Extension for Snow & Ice Removal Package
• Lasts for another 2-3 months


Price on request
Autonomous Power Supply Option - RSD

• For harsh environments with not enough solar irradiation to operate the PV-panels efficiently
• Fuel cell generator
• Price valid per month rental term

700.00 USD
Data Supervision and Monitoring Pack - SkyServe for Triton Wind Profiler

• Satellite data transfer and/or retrieval
• Enables global remote access of TRITON device
• Daily TRITON performance monitoring
• Free use of V.Mac platform for Virtual Measurement Data Access (access a demo with User: Windenergy; Key: 2016)
• Providing notice within 72 hours of important events or issues detected by evaluation of the measurement data
• Ensures data authenticity and integrity as per FGW, IEC and MEASNET standards
• Price per month of rental term

750.00 USD
Full-Service Pack (TIER 3)

• Vaisala TIER-3 maintenance service
• 1x local site relocation included during maintenance visit, in case the TRITON shall change the measurement position
• Vaisala TIER-3 repair services for all components
• Expeditious, prioritised mobilisation time to travel to measurement location for taking actions
• Price per three months service pack term

3,800.00 USD
Full-Service Pack (TIER 3) - Extension

• Monthly extension of the Full-Service Package at Vaisala TIER-3 level.

1,000.00 USD

Accredited, Bankable Installation Report
• Conformity check with IEC, MEASNET and FGW
• "Certificate of Bankability" compliant to:
   • ISO / IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.1 and Ed.2
   • FGW TR6

1,000.00 USD
On-Site RSD Validation

Certified validation of Remote Sensing Device (some may call it "calibration")
• Carried out in accordance to the IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.2
• Conducted at a reference mast, close to which the RSD shall be used during the measurement campaign
• Procedure warrants lowest uncertainties, highest accuracy, and compliance in line with IEC, FGW and IEA
• Report includes "Bankability Certificate"


5,500.00 USD
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