Lattice Wind Measurement Towers (GI)

Lattice wind measurement masts
- vertical member installation -
Scope of delivery:
ProfEC Ventus offers a variety of lattice wind met tower designs at different heights. The following default specifications are part of a Standard Set:
  • Mast members (hot-dip galvanised steel)
  • Ladder integrated by horizontal bars
  • Bolt framework
  • Anchoring hardware
  • Reinforcement bars for concrete foundations or anchor plates (in case relevant site characteristics are known)
  • Guy wires
  • Accessories (shackles, thimbles, turnbuckles, wire clamps etc.)
  • Refers to ANSI (TIA-222-G) code and Eurocode 3 specifications
  • Service life expectancy: 5 years without member or accessories structural failures. Routing checks and/or maintenance are required.

Any Standard Set can be enriched by combination of one or more of the following Options:

In case you may have a specific request for deviations or adaptation, please contact us directly in order to discuss your precise needs.


Lattice wind measurement mast installation – met masts up to > 160m

Wind measurement tower installation or meteorological wind measurement masts (met masts) offer the most convenient platform for continuous measurement of wind energy relevant characteristics. Wind measurement mast installation is done on land or offshore, as close as possible to the location where a wind farm is planned. Preferably one or more wind measurement masts are installed right within the projected area of the wind park developed. However, the amount of wind measurement towers recommended to yield a bankable measurement campaign in compliance FGW, MEASNET and IEC standards, depends on the terrain complexity as well as the extend of the area, i.e. the amount of wind turbines planned for the wind farm. Met mast installation in almost all wind farms is crucial in determining the wind resource characteristics, based on which the amount of energy to be produced by the wind farm is determined.
For wind park developers and wind farm operators, who want to take advantage of remote sensing (RSD) like SODAR and LIDAR, in most cases also have to install at least a short wind measurement mast next or close to the RSD operation site as to validate the RSD device, to save costs or to increase data reliability and reduce data uncertainty to a bankable level and quality. Taking into account insurance and re-validation costs, often a lattice wind mast measurement is cheaper if compared to only operate a RSD (like SODAR or LIDAR) on site, especially if the measurement term is longer than one year.

Another advantage is that important sizes like atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity can be measured right at the tip of a wind measurement tower, whereas a ground-based LIDAR or SODAR only takes data at the ground level. The met mast structure carries diverse measurement instruments at different heights, instruments crucial in wind power generation.

The measurement results help in determining the suitability of the investigated location for wind power generation.

60m Lattice Tower
Price on request
65m Lattice Tower
Price on request
65m Lattice Tower - Self Supporting

• Permanent structure
• Without guy wires, self-supported
• Lifetime expectancy: 50 years

Price on request
80m Lattice Tower
Price on request
100m Lattice Tower
Price on request
110m Lattice Tower
Price on request
120m Lattice Tower
Price on request
140m Lattice Tower
Price on request
160m Lattice Tower
Price on request
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