LIDAR und SODAR Fernerkundungsgeräte
In recent years, Remote Sensing Devices (RSD), such as LiDAR or SODAR, have gained more and more reliability, positive response and acceptance from the wind community; mainly driven by the fact that hardware costs were dropping, and the data accuracy and device reliability have improved significantly.

It has been shown that RSD measurement uncertainties, compared to measurements with First Class Cup Anemometers, in some cases (non-complex terrain), were even lower than the uncertainty of the Cup Anemometer measurements. However, in such cases it is not possible to determine at a first glance “which device is measuring more accurate”, since the values are lower than the uncertainties of the measurement devices themselves, and hence diminish in the uncertainty budget.

Nevertheless, extreme precaution must be taken in complex terrain, as the uncertainties are significantly higher for RSD. If RSD technologies are used, it should be done in parallel to a reference measurement mast installed.

ProfEC Ventus offers A-Z performance of different RSD-supported measurement campaigns, tailor made to the needs, means and expectations of our Clients. The measurement data are processed and evaluated in accordance to our accredited services, yielding in a bankable measurement report with accredited conclusions drawn.