Air Quality and Emission Mapping

For all clients who want to rent a LIDAR device, we rent diverse LIDAR devices for a minimum period of three months with subsequent extension of the rental period on a monthly base. The base tariff for the LIDAR device is fixed, but several options can be booked, to upgrade the package like:  
  • Monthly extension of the autonomous power supply (free for the first 3 months)
  • Care Free Package (per 3 months)
  • Accredited, bankable Supervision of the Measurement Campaign, warranting data integrity and authenticity, including conformity check with IEC, MEASNET and FGW. Comes with "Certificate of Bankability" compliant to:
    • ISO / IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.1 and Ed.2
    • FGW TR6 
In case you may have a specific request for deviations or adaptation, please contact us directly in order to discuss your precise needs.
Rental Services LIDAR
WindCube LIDAR Mietservice - 3 Monate

WindCube LIDAR
• Measures up to 20 customizable heights up to 300m above ground level
• Measures accurately at a bankable level horizontal wind speed, wind direction, flow inclination & turbulences
• Wind speed accuracy: 0.1 m/s
• Wind speed range: 0 to 49 m/s
• Wind direction accuracy: 2°
• Classification and operational standard uncertainty acc. to IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.2 (03-2017)
• FCR (Flow Complexity Recognition)

14.999,00 EUR
Offshore Windcube LIDAR Mietservice - 3 Monate

Offshore Windcube LIDAR
• Engineered with a robust casing for integration into floating buoys and other harsh offshore locations
• Measures up to 12 customizable heights up to +200m above ground level
• Measures accurately at a bankable level horizontal wind speed, wind direction, flow inclination & turbulences
• Wind speed accuracy: 0.1 m/s
• Wind speed range: 0 to +60 m/s
• Wind direction accuracy: 2°
• Classification and operational standard uncertainty acc. to IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.2 (03-2017)
• FCR (Flow Complexity Recognition)


15.750,00 EUR
Mietdauerverlängerung Windcube (pro Monat)

LIDAR Windcube Wind Profiler
• Extension of rental term for Windcube LIDAR per month

4.700,00 EUR
Autonome Energieversorgung - RSD

• For harsh environments with not enough solar irradiation to operate the "only PV-panels" option efficiently
• Fuel cell generator and small wind turbine(s) possible
• Price valid per month rental term

910,00 EUR
Full-Service Package TIER 3

• TIER-3 maintenance service
• 1x local site relocation included during maintenance visit, in case the Windcube shall change the measurement position
• TIER-3 repair services for all components
• Expeditious, prioritised mobilisation time to travel to measurement location for taking actions
• Price per three months service pack term

3.250,00 EUR
Full-Service Paket (TIER 3) - Verlängerung

• Monthly extension of the Full-Service Package TIER-3.

1.200,00 EUR
Datensupervision und Monitoring Paket - SkyServe für LiDAR

• Data transfer and/or retrieval
• Global remote access of LiDAR
• Daily performance monitoring
• Free use of V.Mac platform for Virtual Measurement Data Access (access a demo with User: Windenergy; Key: 2016)
• Providing notice within 72 hours of important events or issues detected by evaluation of the measurement data
• Ensures data authenticity and integrity as per FGW, IEC and MEASNET standards
• Price per month

750,00 EUR
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ProfEC Ventus – your partner for LiDAR wind measurement, environmental measurement & monitoring of wind with LiDAR

When it comes to accurate and reliable wind measurement, environmental monitoring, and the use of LiDAR technology, ProfEC Ventus stands as your ultimate project partner. With many years of expertise and cutting-edge solutions and OEM TIER certificates, ProfEC Ventus provides comprehensive services to industries such as renewable energy, meteorology, aviation safety, disaster control and environmental research.

Let's delve into the world of ProfEC Ventus and LiDAR and discover how they can assist you in optimizing your operations and decision-making processes.

Pioneering LiDAR Wind Measurement

Wind energy is a crucial resource in the pursuit of sustainable power generation. ProfEC Ventus offers state-of-the-art LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) technology solutions to accurately measure wind parameters, such as wind speed, wind direction, turbulence, wind veer and wind shear. By deploying the most advanced and best LiDAR devices, we empower wind farm project developers and operators to optimize their turbine layouts, improve energy production forecasts, and enhance the overall efficiency of their wind farms.

The Power of Environmental Measurement & Monitoring

Understanding the environmental impact of various activities is vital for sustainable development. ProfEC Ventus specializes in environmental measurement and monitoring, offering a range of solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of different industries. With our expertise, we enable effective environmental impact assessments, air quality monitoring, noise measurements, and weather observations and climate monitoring. By providing accurate and reliable data, we, from ProfEC Ventus, help organizations ensure compliance with environmental regulations and adopt responsible practices.

ProfEC Ventus emerges as a reliable partner for LiDAR wind measurement, environmental measurement, and monitoring of wind and weather, using LiDAR technology. Our expertise, advanced solutions, and commitment to excellence enable industries to harness the power of accurate data for improved decision-making, enhanced efficiency, and sustainable practices.

Leveraging LiDAR for Wind Measurement

LiDAR technology plays a pivotal role in wind measurement, providing precise and detailed information about wind patterns and characteristics. ProfEC Ventus utilizes LiDAR systems that employ laser beams to measure the velocity of wind particles at various heights. By analyzing these measurements, they generate valuable insights into wind behavior, allowing their clients to make informed decisions regarding wind farm design, turbine positioning, and power output optimization.

With a focus on innovation and technological advancement, ProfEC Ventus leads the way in the field of LiDAR-based wind measurement and environmental monitoring.

Cutting-edge solutions offer several advantages:

·        Enhanced Accuracy: LiDAR employs advanced algorithms and calibration techniques to ensure highly accurate wind measurements, reducing uncertainties and enhancing data reliability.

·        Remote Sensing Capabilities: By utilizing remote sensing technology, LiDAR eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming meteorological masts, allowing for flexible and efficient wind resource assessments.

·        Versatile Deployment: ProfEC Ventus offers LiDAR systems that can be mounted on fixed structures, installed on buoys for offshore measurements, or mounted on vehicles for mobile monitoring, catering to diverse project requirements.

·        Long-Range Measurements: LiDAR systems have the ability to measure wind parameters at ranges up to several kilometers, providing a comprehensive understanding of wind conditions across large areas.

·        Real-Time Monitoring: LiDAR solutions enable real-time data acquisition and monitoring, allowing immediate detection of changes in wind patterns, turbulence, or environmental conditions.

ProfEC Ventus holds Trainer Training level certificates and Level Two as well as TIER 3 certificates for various RSD technologies and devices, enabling our experts to rapidly grant technical support and solutions.

Aviation Safety, Disaster Control and Emergency Management by Monitoring Solutions

At airports or industrial plants, the use of RSD technology is getting more and more applied. For safety reasons as well as for deriving distribution patterns of harmful substances emitting from a factory in case of any accident, LIDAR RSD help to monitor and hence to prevent harm and to ensure civil protection. As part of disaster control and emergency management as well as for aviation security and safety, LIDAR are playing an important role.

Whether it's optimizing wind farm performance or conducting comprehensive environmental assessments, ProfEC Ventus stands as the go-to provider in the realm of LiDAR technology and environmental monitoring!