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PV1000X Data Logger - Embedded in our Measurement Systems for Renewable Energy Resource Assessments

• Custom ProfEC Ventus Design
• Once powered up, the measurement automatically starts
• Calibration certificate (standards traceable to U.K.A.S accreditation service)
• 16x analogue single-ended or 8 differential Analog Inputs, 10x pulse counters, 8x digital IN/OUT (configurable), 4x analogue voltage (switched excitation mode or switched regulated voltage supply), 2x switched 12V 
• RS232, CS I/O PORT to CSI peripherals, USB, Ethernet (LAN) port, Wi-Fi (optional module)
• 4 Mbytes battery-backed SRAM + 72 MB flash memory, expandable to 8 GB
• Surge, Electrostatic Discharge and Lightning Protection for all critical Inputs and Outputs
• Standard operating range of -40° to +70°C (optionally extended: -55° to +85°C)

2.300,00 EUR
Certified Wind Vane Service - Inspection, Certified Maintenance & Refurbishment

For Thies and Vector Instruments (Windspeed Ltd.) wind vanes:
• Maintenance and inspection
• Inspection report
• Authorised refurbishment 
• Exchange of bearings, O-rings, sealings 
• Certificate
• Authorisation seal

95,00 EUR
Wind Vane Service - Inspection

Service includes:
• Inspection 
• Inspection report
• Subsequent to an inspection, the Client can decide if the sensor shall receive a Certified Maintenance and Refurbishment Service or, if needed, repair.

19,50 EUR
Certified Wind Vane Service - Repair

For Thies and Vector Instruments (Windspeed Ltd.) wind vanes:
• Repair (sensor specific)
• Maintenance
• Authorised refurbishment 
• ​Exchange of bearings, O-rings, sealings
• ​Certificate
• Authorisation seal
• The repair service depends on the individual sensor defects and conditions. A sensor specific offer will be made based upon an inspection report. 

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Montage- und Anschlussplan für USV-Anlage

• Data logger programming
• Including wiring scheme 


450,00 EUR
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